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Pay as you go sessions: £65 per session.
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I provide life and business coaching to people from all walks of life, people who have the desire to realise their full potential in work and at home and those contemplating a career change or facing retirement. Others may be facing relationship changes, have a need to make a big decision in their lives or just feel that there is something more to life but are unsure as to what the answers are.

My clients are also seeking a balance in their lives such as work/life or diminishing the negative stress that we all encounter at some points in our lives. I enjoy coaching people so much because seeing the transformation that often occurs in their lives makes me feel privileged and deeply honoured to be part of such a powerful and life-enhancing process.

I can help you to make your career more rewarding, build good relationships, improve your self-understanding and grow, develop, improve and achieve a happier, more fulfilled, balanced life.

You already have all the answers and all the potential but it may be that you have not asked yourself the questions or challenged yourself enough to bring this out yet. Through the use of a collaborative approach, and using established psychological techniques, we can work together towards your goals and you will see real and measurable progress.

Love the life you live

Veronica Louise Ames