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I am a registered general nurse with over 24 years of experience working mainly as a practice nurse at GP surgeries, both in civilian and in military practices. As a Royal Air Force nurse since 1999 I have experienced many challenges and life changes both in the UK and in various locations around the world.

My first experience of coaching was whilst reading an article in a nursing journal which described the benefits of this style of management and personal development within stressful NHS working situations. I then researched the many courses on offer in order to find one with sufficient accreditation and academic content. Nine months later I enrolled on the Life, Business and Executive Diploma course at The Iron Mill Institute in Exeter.

The course took a year to complete during which I received tuition from experts in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy and coaching. The course included a minimum requirement of hours to be spent coaching clients from both the course and also external clients whilst also receiving coaching myself. It was this practical application of the tools and techniques learned that proved to me just how transformational the coaching process can really be in achieving practical, long term benefits in all areas of life.

My coaching experience to date has been very wide-ranging and has included a fascinating mix of fellow coaches, secretaries, actors, Royal Air Force and Army nursing officers, Royal Marine officers, midwives, artists, musicians, NHS managers, office managers, web-designers and medics. Not only have I successfully coached individual clients, I have also used coaching techniques as a management tool within my nursing teams; this has contributed significantly to both the individuals' and the team's development and progression within the workplace resulting in a happier, more effective and more motivated team producing work of a higher standard that benefitted both staff and patients.

Love the life you live

Veronica Louise Ames