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"Working with Veronica in early 2010, I look back now and see what a profound piece of work we did together, in an incredibly swift amount of time. This was an extremely busy period in both my personal and professional lives, with huge transition occurring within both areas.

I came to her because I was in conflict with myself as to which bit to drop and which to keep believing the pace of my life to be unsustainable. In actual fact, not only did I 'keep' it all, but through our work together I also manifested the energy to increase the level of playful enjoyment in my life as well.

Working with Veronica for a mere 6 sessions I learnt to trust myself, to quit trying to put the brakes on, to go all-out for what I wanted, and to have fun. Following our work I have bought a house with my partner, become a mum for the first time and am embarking on a glorious, authentic new career path.

Veronica was a fabulous Coach to work with, kind, funny, yet very disciplined. Gentle as she seemed, Veronica was pulling the very best out of me and enabling me to take a good hard look at it. Through our work together I have learned to assume the very best of myself and others."

Rebecca Ellis
Arts Events Fundraiser and Artist

"I've know Veronica for many years and consequently became aware of the Coaching Course & subsequent Qualifications she successfully completed a couple of years ago. I must admit I was slightly sceptical of this type of course, believing that Life Coaching was purely a common sense approach to life!

However, in 2011 the pressure at work had steadily increased and I became acutely aware that I was no longer participating in my hobbies; life had become a hamster wheel, where I felt I was losing a grip and my life was literally work, sleep & eat - the 'play / rest' aspect was defiantly missing. In a nutshell I was miserable.

I spoke to Veronica about my general lack of motivation and she suggested that I complete the 'Wheel of Life' to help me to identify exactly where I felt my life was lacking. On completion, it became apparent that my somewhat 'wonky wheel' fell down in the Personal Growth Spoke!

Veronica discussed ways in which I could improve this aspect of my life and with her help and support, I soon identified simple actions I could take to enhance my Personal Growth.

I continued to have regular contact with Veronica over the next few months, and by making the small changes I had identified via the Wheel of Life, things really improved in my personal life; I felt a lot less stressed and so much more happier and content. My zest and lust for life returned.

I still review my Wheel of Life - it really helps me to think about what I want, and how best to prioritise. I had to eat a large portion of Humble Pie but it was worth it!"

Elizabeth Mathison
Contracts Manager

"A short, sharp blast of inspiration and positivity when I needed it most! Life Coaching helped to really focus on what I wanted to do (not what I should be doing), what can be changed and how to achieve this, and I was able to use the skills learnt in both a personal and professional capacity.

I only needed a few sessions to point me in the right direction, and am now able to motivate myself to make changes. For example, I have left my old career behind to set up my own business, and I was able to leave behind many ghosts from my past and look forward with a fresh new attitude. If I start to lose focus, I will not hesitate to contact vlouise coaching again."

Faye Cole

"Veronica brings a high degree of energy and clarity of thinking to her work. The coaching I experienced with Veronica was focused and challenging - in enabling me to identify and develop strategies to achieve future goals. Veronica is highly personable, empathetic and great fun to work with."

Kathy Cotter
Director, IT Contacts