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Pay as you go sessions: £65 per session.
Advance booking sessions: £60 per session.

The Coaching Process

What is it and who is it for?

Coaching is a process that can unlock your potential in order to maximise your performance, help you achieve greater balance and fulfilment in your life and can enable you to move towards your goals and aspirations.

It works through effective use of psychological tools and techniques designed to support, explore and challenge you as I encourage you towards greater self-awareness and understanding. This can then enable you to take responsibility for any changes that you want to make, which in turn allows you to begin living the life you want for your future.

The process focuses on your goals and aspirations and is tailored specifically towards your agenda. Often people are not happy due to not getting what they want out of life, but this can often be because they don’t yet know what it is that they want or need.

By really listening to you and focusing on your needs I can help with the discovery process that identifies your values and beliefs, some of which are often overlooked or discounted in this fast changing busy world we live in. It is these values and beliefs that you can use to identify what you need in your life in order to feel more fulfilled or to improve performance in your career or life interests.

Being coached is a chance for you to be really heard, and really listened to without fear of judgement or criticism. It is also an opportunity to be challenged over fears you may have believed in the past concerning failure, lack of confidence, self-doubts or lack of self-belief that may have held you back in some way.

Coaching is essentially about:

  • Where you are now
  • Where you want to be
  • How you can get there

How does it work?

Coaching can be done face to face, by telephone or email, or as a mixture of all these methods. The essential element is good, clear communication, commitment to the process and establishing what you want to get out of your sessions by setting short, medium and long term goals from the outset.

An initial telephone call or meeting will be your first step, during which we can discuss your requirements. I can then answer any questions you may have and we can establish whether or not I am the right coach for you. After that we can then contract for how often, how many sessions and in what form our coaching sessions will take.

I look forward to hearing from you and to coaching you towards achieving your goals and aspirations.